Simpson & Brown Architects with Addyman Archaeology


Watching briefs & monitoring

Where archaeological survival has been identified through a Desk Based Assessment, Walkover Survey or Archaeological Evaluation further archaeological input will be required.  If the archaeological material is deemed to be of limited or uncertain importance, the planning authority may impose an Archaeological Watching Brief on the development.

This involves the presence of an archaeologist who will monitor all ground breaking works associated with the project.  Any archaeological material encountered during the development will be dealt with by the archaeologist on site.

We pride ourselves in recording the archaeological resource quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the development.


Case studies: 

Princes Street, Edinburgh

We were contracted to maintain a watching brief during a strip-out of the commercial buildings at 10-15 Princes Street in advance of conversion into a hotel and retail development.

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Mint Yard, York

An archaeological watching brief was undertaken during preliminary works associated with the renovation of York Explore, the City of York Central Library building.

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Wester Yardhouse

A watching brief was completed at Wester Yardhouse in South Lanarkshire.

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