Simpson & Brown Architects with Addyman Archaeology


Standing building recording and structural analysis

We are the leading practice in creating a detailed, comprehensive and analytical record of a structure as it survives today. Whether the building is to be renovated, preserved or demolished, years of methodical study and assessment of the nation’s built heritage ensures we can provide a comprehensive interpretation of its history.

Standing building recording of an historic building may be required whenever development plans have the potential to affect a structure deemed by the planning authority to merit preservation through record.

Our specialist team will tailor the requirements of a project in line with the brief from the planning authority, often recording a structure stone by stone. A report will be produced as a standalone volume with written interpretation and detailed digitised phased drawings.

We have a proven track record working for a range of clients both large and small at home and abroad, recording buildings both humble and grand.


Case studies: 

Culross Palace

At the request of the National Trust for Scotland, an analytical building survey of Culross Palace was undertaken in advance of reharling works for the north, west and east elevations of the north range, and of the north wall and east gable of the lower extension to the east.

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Penicuik House

The archaeological involvement in the project has included extensive detailed drawings of the interior elevations, excavations and clearing within the rooms and a detailed photographic record of the works progressing.

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