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Interpretation of heritage can be defined in many ways, but we find that one such definition particularly useful in describing what we do: "interpretation refers to the full range of potential activities intended to heighten public awareness and enhance understanding of a cultural heritage site. These can include print and electronic publications, lectures, on-site and directly-related off-site installations, educational programs, and community activities."  Interpretation goes beyond a mere dictation of facts: it should engage and inspire.  Ideally, it should encourage further investigation and foster personal responses to a place.

It is important to remember that many built heritage projects that have received funding from sources such as the Heritage Lottery Fund are expected to include well-researched, focused and engaging interpretation for visitors or users of that building.  We particularly enjoy working with our clients through design, fundraising, construction and completion phases of a project, and then continuing to use our knowledge and experience of a site to implement an interpretation strategy.  We are also happy to work as part of a wider collaborative project involving other specialists – every project is different.

Our research skills can ensure that your interpretation project is both accurate and informative – our design flair and practical experience of various interpretative methods ensure that what we produce engages as wide an audience as possible.


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