Simpson & Brown Architects with Addyman Archaeology



An archaeological evaluation aims to assess the nature and extent of any archaeological survival across a site through a series of trial trenches and is the most common form of archaeological involvement in advance of development.

It involves the placement of a number of trenches in a systematic manner, investigating any features deemed of potential interest, whilst maintaining good spatial coverage of a site.  Typically such a project will investigate between 4 – 10% of the total area affected by the development.


Case studies: 

Dowally Burn

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken in relation to the proposed construction of a Hydro Power Scheme at Dowally Burn.

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Barrhead Road, Paisley

We completed an evaluation in relation to the proposed development of an irregularly shaped area of grassland and car park adjacent to Barrhead Road in Paisley.

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Sheriffmuir Battlefield

In December 2012 we undertook a metal detecting survey on two plots of land to the east of Dunblane prior to proposed development.

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