Simpson & Brown Architects with Addyman Archaeology


Desk-based assessments

An archaeological desk-based assessment is often the first involvement an archaeological contractor has on a proposed development, and is undertaken in advance of any ground-breaking work on site.

The aim of a desk-based assessment is to determine the likelihood of significant archaeological material surviving by carrying out a detailed analysis of the site history.  We undertake comprehensive research into primary and secondary documentary material, as well as maps, aerial photographs, the surviving physical evidence and other sources.  Presented as a detailed report, the results can be used to guide the development and any further archaeological input required.


Case studies: 

Kirkhope Tower

We were commissioned to complete a desk-based assessment on the history of Kirkhope Tower prior to completing an excavation of the ruinous barmkin in the scheduled area to the south of the tower.

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Newcastle Area Command HQ

We were commissioned to undertake an archaeological desk-based assessment of the site proposed for the development of the new Newcastle Area Command Headquarters for Northumbria Police at Forth Banks in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Paisley Abbey

A proposal to construct a new visitor centre at Paisley Abbey required Addyman Archaeology to complete a desk-based assessment of the Abbey’s history and development.

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